The 8th International Fujaba Days (May 11-13 2011, Tartu, Estonia)

Travel information

Tartu can be easily accessed from most major European cities via Riga (airBaltic). Alternatively, connections are available from major European hubs to Tallinn, which is well connected by bus to Tartu.

Here is a list of travel alternatives with approximate prices:

  • Fastest: Fly over Riga to Tartu, currently ~200€ and up both ways.
  • Classic: direct flight to Tallinn + 2h bus ride,>100+10€.
  • Cheap (and an option when flights are getting booked out): Fly to Riga (Airberlin, Airbaltic...), continue with bus (4h) or rental car (3.5h).
  • All other options booked: Fly to Helsinki (>120€), 2h Ferry to Tallinn (40€), 2h bus ride (20€).
  • Or, if you have plenty of time: ferry from Rostock or Lübeck/Travemünde, reasonable price if you share the room with someone (>150€+40€+20€).

Organizing institution:

With around 18000 students and 1400 academic staff, University of Tartu (UT) is the largest university in Estonia. Founded in 1632, UT is member of the Coimbra Group, uniting reputable European research universities of long-standing traditions. UT's Institute of Computer Science (CS) has over 400 students (incl. 35 doctoral students) and 34 academic staff. The institute conducts research in programming languages, enterprise software engineering, distributed systems, cryptography, bioinformatics, data mining, and language technology. The Institute is a key research partner in the Estonian Centre of Excellence in Computer Science and in the Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre – an R&D centre that involves 10 industry partners and conducts industry-driven research projects in the fields of services engineering and data mining. The institute is involved in four FP6/FP7 projects as well as one EUREKA project in the fields of BPM and Service-Oriented Computing.


The event will take place in the university town of Estonia – Tartu. Home of 100 000 inhabitants, Tartu is the second largest city in the country and the oldest in the Baltic States. Tartu offers all the infrastructure and facilities of a global technology hub, combined rich historical heritage and culture. The University of Tartu is one of the oldest universities in Northern Europe (est. in 1632). Other major attractions include the numerous museums and heritage sites. In addition, it is possible to visit two capitals – Tallinn and Riga. Tallinn is just about 2 hours bus drive and Riga 4 hours bus drive from Tartu.

Tartu has a wide choice of affordable accommodation. Hotels with prices starting from EUR 30 for 3-stars and EUR 45 for 4-stars, are available within 1 km from the Town Hall Square and the conference venue. Some hotels with lower price ranges (EUR 15-30) can be found at a further distance, with direct bus connections available.

We negotiated special rates with several hotels. For our suggestions see the respective accommodation link.

The conference participants will not miss home at any moment, since the city center of Tartu is almost fully blanketed with free-of-charge WiFi, this includes all the buildings of the University of Tartu.


The event will be hosted by the Institute of Computer Science of University of Tartu ( where Fujaba is routinely used in several courses - including a semester-long course largely focused on model-driven engineering using Fujaba.

The institute offers the following facilities:

  • Different rooms, all equipped with standard audio-visual equipment and WiFi
  • Catering for coffee breaks
  • Discounted price for the participants in one of the hotels in the city

The proceedings will be published as a technical report.

For more information of the program visit the Program-page.